What's going on?

The New Newport Comedy Room at the  Newport Bowling Club in Victoria is serving up regular hilarious interpretation events promoting and presenting live comedy in a curated forum.

These comedy shows are cleverly disguised interpretation events highlighting and promoting the work and of local groups and community stakeholders. Patrons of the forthcoming show- Denise Scott will also discover what it takes to become a volunteer wild life carer as when Archiva presents its latest film clip about the work of Western Animal Rescue

I Grew Up In … East Bentleigh

This community based heritage project was a huge success with erstwhile East bentleigh folks returning to their stomping ground to celebrate a the lives and descendants of a few Irish farming migrants who established the food bowl of Melbourne post Gold Rush and went on to create a highly active, liveable community with a great number of successful sons and daughters. Patrins enjoyed an after noon with sporting greats and East Benteigh Luminaries,of documentary and live story telling and a lot of music and laughs.

If you want to celebrate your old neck of the woods or create an app celebrating your old neighbourhood, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


Women Like Us

Returning to the lair, comics Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs make the Newport Comedy Room and Stellavision their home for a season of the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Cunningly shedding bright light on a dark matter, - the show will, among making you hurt-laugh will edify patrons to the current state of affairs with an audio visual update on the rapidly growing West Welcome Wagon and the volunteer army serving to support asylum seekers in the inner west of Melbourne.